5 years experience
Over 200hr's classroom experience
Over 20 subjects available

About me:
I absolutely love my job!
I consider all my students as extended family. Getting to know all my students on a personal level is very important to me. In doing this, I can understand how my students learn and respond.
I love creating a unique bond with each of my tutoring families as this inspires trust and starts a journey whereby we can watch students succeed in their studies.

I understand each student has a unique way of learning; therefore, after an initial assessment, I create a unique program for each of my students based on their learning abilities and needs. 

I've been described as a calm and patient tutor who explains complex theories in a way students understand. I like to go through questions step by step to make sure students understand what they are being taught.  

NDIS may be available

Mainstream, ASD, ADHD, ADD, APD, SPD, VPD, Aphasia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ODD, Conduct disorder, Down Syndrome etc...

Monday - Friday
Hours between 6am and 9am

In your home
-all material included-

Monday - Friday
3pm - 9pm

9am - 5pm

Over 200 hours classroom experience

-Sit with the student in their classroom and help with class work
-Tutor privately in a quiet study area

School readiness


English & Maths


English, Maths, Science, Health & History


English, Literature, History, Health, Maths (all levels), Chemistry & Biology